Doge Network? Probably nothing

Doge Network? Probably nothing

Doge Network? Probably nothing

Doge Network ($DGNW) - ERC

A very new social networking site - with $DOGE at the centre.

4 of many reasons why this token has incredible potential...


A new social network

OK. So, ironically, social networks are nothing new. There hasn't been many rivals to Facebook and Twitter over the past few years - certainly not many you know about, anyway.

Why? Because they almost have everything you need already. There's nothing NEW to social networking, it's all been dominated by Facebook and there's simply not much competition.

Well.. and them came DogeNetwork! Something to explore, something different.

DogeNetwork sheds a completely new perspective on social networking, and will have the crypto community at the centre.


A unique utility

- Which will promote usage, website traffic and will solve a very prominent problem.

Crypto projects face many problems.. some of the more prudent: traffic, generating sustainable revenue, and attracting new users ('retail' specifically).

Doge Network is a direct solution to those mentioned issues.

a) Retail will earn $DOGE for simply using the site! They are stepping over the bridge into our world without even knowing it. "Hey look, I own some $DOGE now.. What's a $DOGE, let me research it".

b) Due to the incentivisation, users will be continually attracted to the website... Everyone likes socialising, making money, Doge Network = Socialise and make money!!! Even if it's not a lot to you, there will be people that consider it a lot, and this is important. There will be continual traffic to the site which is good for revenue, but also for SEO.

c) Snowball effect - the more users that use the website, the more users that use it... Simples. People will share with their friends (with the affiliate program you can actually earn from doing this), then they create and account and are immediately exposed to our amazing project. More use = more ad revenue through partnerships, advertising and other innovative ways.


(I could have created 10 posts, but lets keep it short for you screen flickers with low attention spans).

This project is scalable

Think of the potential for a crypto social network. Just THINK.

There's sooo many opportunities for integration, development and ultimately growth (this platform is indirectly and intrinsically promoting it's own token too - great for investors).

Just to name a few; partnerships with influencers, other projects, celebrities, businesses, technologies.... MORE MORE MORE.


Based organic growth

My final point is that we're here, sitting at around $170k without spending a great deal on marketing / callers. This project has grown organically, and with the best community in the business, it will continue to grow.

Slow moon or quick moon, I really don't care because this experience is WILD 🔥🔥🔥

All of this whilst generating revenue, regardless of the native token performance.