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Crypto Weekly News — June, 19

What important crypto events happened last week? 📌 The U.S. District Court dismissed the appeal of the former CEO of the Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox Mark Karpelès. He requested the removal of the fraud allegations made by the last remaining plaintiff. District Judge Gary S. Feinerman decided in favor of Gregory Green, the initiator of the class action lawsuit against Karpelès. The plaintiff insists that the head of the site did not provide an appropriate level of protection for user funds, accusing him of negligence and fraud. 📌 BitMEX exchange operator HDR Global Trading and OKCoin have granted $150,000 to Bitcoin Core developer Amiti Uttarvar who specializes in Bitcoin P2P level issues, being the author of a proposal to reduce the frequency of wallet attempts to relay transactions. 📌 The well-known Bitcoin investor Alistair Milne lost 1 BTC during a hacker attack, which he himself initiated. The purpose of the experiment was to find out how much data about the wallet would be enough to hack it. Milne created a separate Bitcoin address, transferred 1 BTC to it, and started laying out prompts to unravel a seed phrase of 12 words. When only 4 words remained, the hacker intervened and managed to brute force the remaining words in 44 hours. 📌 The creator of the Telegram messenger Pavel Durov warned of fraudulent schemes carried out allegedly on his behalf on Facebook and Instagram and noticed that such ads were approved by moderators of the platforms. Durov called on Facebook to organize the moderation of advertisements, and also expressed the hope that the company will compensate for the damage caused to users by the actions of moderators. 📌 Leading party functionaries in China have proposed a plan to create the central bank digital currency (CBDC) based on the currencies of China, Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong. A payment network with a regional CBDC could be part of the free trade agreement that Japan, Korea, and China are preparing to sign. The initiative will ...
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