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IMMO High1000 Tutorial: How to Get Into the Ranks of the Crypto-Elite?

For the past several months the cryptocurrency community has been discussing the IMMO reserve cryptocurrency project. At different times, in one or another way IMMO topics involving influential personalities as Vitalik Buterin, Lon Wong, Jimmy Song, Tim Draper, Simon Cocking and other experts were coming out. According to some media reports, some of the employees of G20 financial ministries are also monitoring the development of IMMO.

What is so unusual about IMMO that has attracted the attention of so many influential experts and has become a subject of discussion at the level of finance ministries? Until recently, this could have only been guessed. But thanks to a newly leaked internal document, we have the opportunity to learn some details about the mysterious project. The IMMO project is a reserve cryptocurrency, which is basically secured by valuable resources. This, however, could end: another competitor of the fiduciary monetary system, which wants to turn the world upside down and establish its order. To allow the slightest success in the implementation of the objectives of IMMO would be impossible, if not for one fact…

Management and development of IMMO will gather High1000 – a decentralized cryptocurrency community consisting of experts and evangelists

As it became known from the published document, the main governing body of IMMO will be High1000. High1000 will vote for certain changes in IMMO, being the guarantor of the rights of all investors in the project. Members of this community will receive bonuses depending on their level of involvement and awareness of the project. But it is not so easy to get into High1000, as only existing members can process and approve incoming applications and this is possible only if certain criteria are met.

Is this community not available for ordinary mortals of the cryptocurrency world? Or High1000’s role in the concept of IMMO has inflated and the authority of its members is exaggerated? ...

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