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Crypto Adoption: Dogecoin for the Dream Travel Destination - Cryptovest

Crypto Adoption: Bitcoin for the Dream Travel Destination The travel industry is one of the early adopters accepting cryptocurrency. Used to serving tourists globally, travel agents easily accept a truly global means of payment. Not only Bitcoin, but some altcoins act as a means of payment for globetrotters.
by Christine Masters , 11 October

There is one industry that is used to global payments, exotic customers and even more exotic currencies. No wonder that travel agents are some of the first mainstream businesses to warm up to cryptocurrencies- not only Bitcoin but altcoins as well.

We've heard the tales of newly-minted crypto-millionaires jetting off for an exotic vacation fueled by record-beating Bitcoin prices. But how exactly is Bitcoin used for travel?

Bitcoin Takes the Air

Back in 2014, Air Baltic, the Latvian airline, shocked the industry by accepting Bitcoin as payment. In 2017, three years later, a whole age by the standard of the crypto world, Air Baltic still sells air travel for Bitcoin.

Other travel booking sites only advertise the option that you can pay with altcoins- but it is not available at checkout.

Cheap Air is one of the agencies that offers a real opportunity for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin payments, expanding after a customer asked to make a Bitcoin payment back in 2013.

But perhaps the biggest advantage ...

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