Compound Meta - The first new generation P2E game with Negative Tax and A Comprehensive Ecosystem.


What is Compound Meta?

Compound Meta is a metaverse for the future generation of cryptocurrency space. COMA is the first holder-centered multiple product in 1 Metaverse including Compound interest, Negative tax, P2E Metaverse game, Coin Flip, Swap, Staking and Wallet on Binance Smart Chain.

- Negative Tax: Investors instantly earn 1.5% $COMA bonus after buy transaction when paying only 1% Buy Tax.

- Profit Sharing: All the Buy Tax is converted to $BUSD and distributed to all holders each 24 hours.

- Multi-in-one ecosystem for MULTIPLE earnings: COMA utilities including P2E Metaverse Game, Coin Flip, Wallet, Swap and Staking are ready to help users earn.


COMA P2E Metaverse Game will be released in the near future. This is an AAA game developed by Unreal Engine 5, bringing great visual and smooth experience to players. It is a combination of power and ability that will help players to play for free and earn tokens/NFT. Thanks to the Free-to-play mechanism, users can join the game for free and get daily rewards.

- We plan to have a combination of action RPG and a dynamic NFT trading economy that will keep players engaged

- Players need to fight with other players in exciting matches and win prizes!

- A weekly/monthly competition is held to receive large amounts of tokens and unique rewards.


$COMA holders will also be able to stake their tokens to get passive income. Stakers will receive various benefits from the staking pool.

The staking ecosystem comprises of:

- Staking Fee: 2%

- Early Unstaking fee: 10% (2% buy back and burn, 8% send to Reward pool)

Staking Pool will be released right after the Presale ends. Holders can stake $COMA tokens to get compound interest.


Coin Flip is a utility that follows the current rising trend Flip-to-earn, allowing users to both entertain and earn money easily and quickly.

It allows users to bet $COMA or BNB by playing Head or Tail to DOUBLE the bet instantly with 50/50 winning probability. Treasury Pool is public, everything is fair on an open-source smart contract.

We will charge a 5% fee for each win, this fee will be used to buy back and earn for the purpose of stabilizing the token price.


- COMA Swap is a decentralized exchange developed on the Binance Smart Chain platform that allows you to exchange tokens with low gas fees.

- The Swap will also include limit orders, stop losses and more functions.

- COMA Swap connects with PancakeSwap via smart contracts and executes transactions in a decentralized and autonomous manner.