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Coin Sheet - September 19, 2017 (Daily Cryptocurrency Newsletter)

COIN BULLETIN Mexico And Bitcoin Regulation

According to CoinTelegraph, Mexico will unveil proposed legislation aimed at regulating its fast-growing financial technology sector, including firms that use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Looks like Mexico wants to try and protect consumers and curtail some money laundering. Good.

You can read more about this here.

Dubai Financial Regulator Issues ICO Warning

So the regulator didn't actually give a warning to ICO companies, it's more like he told everyone "Umm, yeah, we don't actually regulate these types of things, so yeah...partake at your own risk."


Jamie Foxx Promotes Cobinhood

Jamie Foxx recently promoted the token sale for Cobinhood which has already raised over $5 million dollars worth of ETH (small beans compared to some of the bigger ICOs).

Cmon Jamie, why you do dis? You were great in Django Unchained, I doubt you need the money...

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