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Coin Sheet - September 13, 2017 (+ a tl;dr of the last few days)

TL;DR - China happened and exhausted our already dwindling bullish momentum, so we didn't have enough momentum to break ~5,000 by September 12, and this set off a bearish run a few days early.

Anyways, here is Tyler Durden's take on it (which I kinda disagree with?).

Jamie Dimon Says Bitcoin Is A 'Fraud'

So is this like that time when the Microsoft CEO said the iPhone will never sell? I don't know.

Jamie wasn't completely unreasonable. I mean, calling Bitcoin a bubble? This is coming from a guy who issued bad loans in the housing market. So he might know exactly what he's talking about.

You can read about this and watch a video of him speaking here.

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