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Coin Sheet - July 20, 2017 (+Market Sentiment)

The important question, does this effect you? To quote @MyEtherWallet, "If you do not know what multi-sig is, you are not at risk."

This does beg the question, if the dude who developed Solidity (the language for writing smart contracts) can't code a secure multi-sig wallet, who can?  And wait a second, weren't we told that multi-sig is the safer option for security?

In Coinbase News: Coinbase GM Adam White let us know that Coinbase's GDAX Exchange will not support Bitcoin's User Activated Hard Fork (UAHF). As a reddit user wonderfully articulated, "This is a big deal. Coinbase has drawn a line in the sand and stated they will not allow their massive liquidity to be used to attack Bitcoin."

Regulation Station: Russia is considering legalizing and regulate ICO's.

Whale News: Billionaire investor tucks away 1% of net worth in Bitcoin.

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