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We are proud to present the official Zen Protocol Wallet! Check this link to know more how to access your token

We are proud to present the official Zen Protocol Wallet! This blog post will discuss how to access your tokens at the launch of the Mainnet. Please make sure to keep your tokens secure and that you understand the safety features in place. If you are unsure of anything, please reach out to us on our website, Facebook, or Telegram.

Keeping your funds safe

When you set up a wallet you are given a 24 word mnemonic phrase (seed). Your seed allows you to access your tokens anywhere anytime. Zen Protocol does not have access to any seeds. If you lose the seed there is no way to recover it. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep 2 copies of the seed in different secure locations (i.e. a safe in your home or safety deposit box). Keeping, sharing, or even entering your seed on any digital platform can put your funds at risk if the device you are using is not secure. The Zen Protocol developers have not yet released official hardware wallet integration — If you decide to use your own solution, do so with caution.

Download the latest Zen Protocol Wallet

Remember to only download from our official installer page. Once you have installed a version (later than v0.9.00) your wallet will automatically update you (when opening) if there is a new version. You can ask questions or give feedback about the wallet by posting in our forum ‘Mainnet Wallet’ category.

Where do I access my tokens?

After downloading and opening the latest Zen Protocol Wallet you will see information and important safety instructions for the use of the wallet. Read these explanations carefully before continuing. When you are done, you can follow the steps below to access your tokens and check your balance/transactions:

1) Click “Import Wallet” Click ‘Import Wallet’ 2) Enter your 24 word mnemonic passphrase (seed) that you received in the crowdsale when setting up your wallet.

Once all the fields contain a valid bip39 word and have a blue checkmark, you will be able t...

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