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Can the dogecoin community please join together to help prove whether the freedogecoin faucet is legit

Hi, TLDR. I would like to get a coordinate effort to find out whether the []( and []( faucets are provably fair. Anyone who is interested please save this post, sign up to one or both of the faucets are claim the free roll as many times per day as you are prepared to do so. If you roll 10,000 please post it here with proof. A screenshot of the roll, and if you go to the Multiply page and scroll to the bottom section: "Roll History", click the verify button for the 10,000 roll and post the URL here as well - it should begin with s[]( For reference the Freebitcoin faucet has a $200 USD (paid in BTC) prize for rolling 10,000 while the Freedogecoin faucet has a $150 prize for rolling 10,000. Long version. I would like to know whether it is actually possible to roll 10,000. I understand how the roll is calculated. A seed is generated on the client and server. The sha-256 hash of the server seed is presented to the client before the roll. The client seed is randomly generated in the client's browser (I presume) and can even be modified by the client. All these details are displayed when you click the link which says: "THIS GAME IS PROVABLY FAIR!" When you click roll the client posts the server seed and nonce. The server uses the seed it previously generated the sha hash from, the client seed and the nonce to generate a number. It then divides this number by another number and rounds this to the nearest whole number. The range of possible numbers is 0 - 10,000 however the probability of rolling and 0 or 10,000 is actually 1 in 20,000 while the probability of rolling everything else is 1 in 10,000. Why? Because every number from 1 to 9999 can be obtained by rounding from the low side or high side of the integer. 0 and 10,000 can only be obtained from rounding down or up (respectively) from one side. Based on the fact that the server has no control over the c...
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