Blocking of the UKRAINIAN wallet within the framework of anti-Russian sanctions (?!!)


Hello world!

A month ago I downloaded the EXODUS wallet app.

Yesterday I replenished it with DOGE for the first time using an online exchanger.

And yesterday, the EXODUS wallet did not allow me to withdraw this money.

Support motivates this with "anti-Russian sanctions."

But I am a CITIZEN of UKRAINE. This money is the Ukrainian pension of my mother, also a citizen of Ukraine. And yes, we are in disputed territory.

EXODUS support claims that it is not he who keeps our money.


  1. Why are ANTI-RUSSIAN sanctions applied to us, Ukrainians?
  2. Why is it possible to deposit money, but not to withdraw? Maybe it would be more logical to prohibit downloading the wallet?
  3. WHO HOLDS OUR DOGE and who should I contact to unlock them?