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As promised when we hit $0.50, I am opening a pizza shop and naming it "Doge Pizza"..

As y'all know, I promised to name my new pizza shop "Doge Pizza" if we hit 50 cents a coin by Mid May. I have decided to be the first "Doge Pizza" pizza shop and start a meme restaurant revolution! I signed the lease and I take over the building in June... And here is where I need your help. I need your ideas for logo, menu, in-door art work, knowing what I am allowed to legally use vs not use for art work, etc... My goal is to make this a team effort so that WE create the first "Doge Pizza" pizzeria together!! The biggest issue I am running into right now is that the domain name is taken.. so idk what to do about that lol. Let's start a revolution!!! Doge Pizza here we come!! Edit: Restaurant will be in Minnesota
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