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An alternative to Op-Return Codes that favors Doge Coin (

I have created a proof-of-concept which relies on Advanced Satoshi Codes and Unspendable Addresses to create a distributed messaging bus that sits on top of Doge. The pieces all build on top of each other and culminates in using sendmany to create very long messages. Here is an example that is quite readable, yet enjoys that benefit of being built with true transactions. I have a site called []( (the pull of new transactions is temporarily broken as I write this) which can be tuned into specific Unspendable Namespaces to pull these addresses and codes out of the chain. Before settling on dogecoin for this project, I explored Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Zcash this technique should work in all of those cases. I don't know much about the Dogecoin community, but this system may be useful for some sort of new tipping system. One of the main advantages of this over op-return codes is that while some more complicated messages can be translated, the whole system is quite readable in its native state. Thanks guys. I also have a youtube channel which is mentioned on the homepage.
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