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Ammbr Will Disrupt The Entire Network Industry With Its Decentralized Mesh Router - Blockmanity

DeFi is currently the hottest topic in the cryptocurrency industry; everyone is eager to jump on the hype train. The idea behind DeFi is simple; decentralized finance simply refers to any financial service that is open to everyone and eliminates the need to rely or trust on a central authority. There are now hundreds of DeFi projects, and the industry is just starting out.

Ammbr is a blockchain-based wireless mesh network technology that aims to provide Internet access opportunities for underserved communities and thus enable anyone to enter the DeFi market.

Not Everyone Has Access to the Internet

While it might seem that virtually everyone has access to the Internet in some way or another, the reality is that around 3.8 billion people do not. According to most reports, this number is still a fact even in 2020, although most present in developing countries, this is a massive issue for the cryptocurrency industry.

Many of these developing countries, especially in Africa and South Asia, have an increasing interest in the blockchain industry and the DeFi market. Internet access is crucial to connect with the world and participate in a myriad of services like trading, exchanging, buying or selling, and more.

Many private companies and governments have been trying to solve this crucial Internet access puzzle through various methods. Unfortunately, most of them have run into different problems like the ‘Last Mile Problem’, which describes the last leg of a route. The idea behind this issue is that while you could perhaps provide more people with access to the Internet, they would run into massive latency issues causing poor application performance or trouble accessing real-time services.

How Ammbr Is Solving The Internet Access Puzzle

Ammbr is built on blockchain technology and has created a decentralized and autonomous marketplace for Internet connectivity. The Ammbr network distributes Internet Bandwidth using Mesh Networking t...

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