Accepting Dogecoin for Cloud folding ([email protected]) renting

self.dogecoin1m ago
Hello, I'm the founder of []( Would you consider buying PPD if i would accept Dogecoin? This rental service is made for people who have cards that are no longer efficient for folding but still want to participate with a higher PPD It's got a lot of variables and everybody have a unique situation... Many people could benefit from this, maybe you are one of them. One example: * Lets say you have a 980ti (200-250w). * lets say you live in Germany. (kwh price is 0.33$) * In one month you would fold **\~30m** points and your monthly electricity cost will be around **\~50$** * We use mostly solar therefore we are not wasting energy and its green * You can still earn curecoins / dogecoins for the folding work becuase we would fold to your FAH username (is it gonna be profitable? most likely not) \[Or you can still fold for your own team\] * You dont have to deal with anything (noise, heat, degradation, uptime) * We can achive much greater PPD efficiency. **With the recent example we would fold more in 1 week (100m points) what you would fold with a single 980ti for 2 month for the same $ spent.**