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A Scientific Way to Understand Your Personality

**Survey Link:** [Here]( We are academic researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, and would like to invite you to **participate in our research study in return for scientifically valid personality feedback.** In the last few decades, psychologists have rigorously developed empirical tests that assess the core aspects of personality. **You will receive scientifically valid feedback about your personality after taking this short survey (less than 5 minutes).** The feedback will be customized to your responses using the scores of thousands of people who have participated so far. The test is non-commercial, entirely free, and as anonymous as possible. And, you will have our gratitude—this research is not possible without the help of people like you! **Survey Link:** [Here]( \*As a quick aside, we know that there are communities for survey-takers (e.g., [r/SampleSize](; however, sampling only groups that are designed for survey-takers would introduce sampling bias and threaten the validity of any results. This community was one of 100 selected through a random number generator to be surveyed for this academic research study.
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