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A Critical Analysis: Dogecoin WILL HIT $1

Hello Everyone, Since we are all HODLing together, I wanted to share a critical analysis of Dogecoin, in the end it is just my interpretation which led to ask some interesting questions on how we perceive currency in our current lives and whether the same has occurred in the past. Dogecoin WILL HIT $1. I don’t care about inflation, one billion trillion coins in circulation, market cap being more than the entire globe, lil yachti, fundamentals, worldwide use, Bitcoin patterns, dump and pumps, your opinion. Why don’t I care? Because Dogecoin is truly unique, it is it’s own species of cryptocurrency, and we don’t understand it and that’s okay. Memes play a role in shaping culture of society. Currently we understand memes as images on our screens that we relate to. If this is the case then memes have existed in the past and will clearly evolve into the future. Dogecoin is the product of the economy and memes colliding into one, it is beyond our current comprehension. It isn’t investing into cloud computing, artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, rather it is investing into the very economic system in which all transactions will occur. One day we will understand, maybe tomorrow, maybe EOY 2021, 2022, 2023, 10 years from now, 20 years. You might think, “it’s a joke, a dog coin” and in your head you think about how ridiculous exchanges would be using a worthless coin with the portrait of a shiba inu. How can you buy a house? A car? Your future? With a funny looking coin? A joke? It is ridiculous, I can totally understand. At least right now, in our current paradigm. But notice how we use dollars. An example: A one dollar bill with the “all seeing eye pyramid” and “new world order” written across it with all seriousness. It is a symbol, and symbols change over time. They change so much that after some time it loses it’s meaning and becomes the norm. In the future people may use Dogecoin without even thinking twice. Day to day, normal use. An image of...
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