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50 DOGE giveaway to SHIBES who write review for my News Summary App - Gistt (Android Only)

**Hello Fellow Shibes,** Everyday we think of DOGE going to the moon by just holding and doing nothing about it, but in reality its the use case of actually using them will ultimately make the difference. So instead of spending my money for big corporations to buy costly ads, I decided to incorporate my app marketing in the fabric of WOW ecosystem. I recently launched a News Summary App **Gistt** for Android \(Currently displays US based news only\). I was looking around for some ways to promote my app and get some feedback. For that I am offering 50 DOGE coins to my fellow SHIBES who write a review for my app on play store. I know that the value of 50 DOGE coins is pretty low but thats what I can afford per review for now. ***Here is a link to my app \-*** [******]( ***Some features of the Gistt App:*** * News Summary in under 600 characters. * News sourced from major news networks such as BBC/CNN/ESPN and many more. * Clean and Hassle free design for easy navigation. * Read full articles in App. * Share the Gist screenshot with others. * Search news summary at blazing speed. Link to Youtube Video: []( I am currently the sole developer of this APP and understand that there is a lot of room for improvement. Currently working on incorporating more features in the App. Any feedback in much appreciated!! **Now the important part, How to get FREE 50 DOGE** 1. Install and write a review for the app on play store. 2. As soon as you are done submitting the review post your reviewer name and your DOGE address in the comment. 3. I will verify the time your review was submitted and your comment on reddit and once it checks out I will do the transfer and update you in the comment. **I hope you folks enjoy the App and use it everyday for reading the news summ...
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