3. HashTrivia

self.dogecoin2m ago
The 3rd question in HashTrivia is now available ([https://twitter.com/HashTrivia/status/1543814265039101952?s=20&t=IoIUVIk312CReHYt5CDi7Q](https://twitter.com/HashTrivia/status/1543814265039101952?s=20&t=IoIUVIk312CReHYt5CDi7Q)). The 1x hash for question 2 was discovered and @TheCivianist won 6.9 dogecoin ([https://twitter.com/TheCivianist/status/1543788082788503557?s=20&t=IoIUVIk312CReHYt5CDi7Q](https://twitter.com/TheCivianist/status/1543788082788503557?s=20&t=IoIUVIk312CReHYt5CDi7Q)). In this game, you hash your answers instead of posting them directly so that you can claim your reward without giving away the answer. Keeping answers secret gives you a better chance at getting the more valuable x2 and x3 hashes. It's a brand new game and it's a little confusing, but once you understand how to play, I think you'll like it! There are 4 hashes that haven't been solved, which have a prize value of 55.2 dogecoin. Prizes are given out as tips on twitter using MyDogeWallet. ​ https://preview.redd.it/pz5po30thh991.png?width=501&format=png&auto=webp&s=4d9961a01fa7be932492bff4cadc8ab5dfcea66f