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2019: year when DOGE reaches immortality | CaptainAltcoin

Dogecoin might have lost some of its bite lately but there was much bark on the internet about it for sure. With some analysts predicting that the currency has ran its course, we might just feel those DOGE teeth sink back into the market in 2019. Here are couple of scenarios that could play out for Doge in 2019 in beyond (should it survive this year).

Dogecoin can’t be killed

Ever since its founder Jackon Palmer departed the community in 2015, the development has waned and prophecies about imminent Dogecoin death started floating around. However, as one of the Doge developers told CoinDesk back in 2017, it is pretty hard to “kill a cryptocurrency”.

“Cryptocurrencies are “a bit zombie-like”, Nicoll said. “It’s very, very hard to kill a cryptocurrency.”

Some might call a valueless cryptocurrency ‘dead’, but that would be missing any educational or entertainment value the token might provide. For instance, Nicoll said even after the 2014 fork, shibes were moving the old version of the coin around for about five or six months.

“It was a functional currency, but you couldn’t use it at shops or on exchanges. We don’t know why they were doing it, but they were having a whale of a time,” he said.

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But how do you really kill it? The proverbial headshot for a ‘zombie coin’, according to Nicoll, would require removing the original code from GitHub, making it exceedingly hard to recreate it since very few people keep copies of source code material. Yet the nature of open-source software means that, in that rare instance, copies of the code could still be floating out there somewhere on the internet.”

The bright side

Dogecoin was o...

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