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200x leverage trading bitcoin ethereum and litecoin!!!

#Prime_bit exchange up to 200x leverage!!! *10 Reasons to use PrimeBit Sign up link: 1) Primebit let you trade Bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin up to 200x leverage!! This exchange is the only exchange allowing you 200x leverage!!!! 2) Primebit constantly have lucky draws/giveaways/prizes for their users 3) Primebit has a nice and friendly useable app! 4) Primebit has good security features (two factor authentication, email withdrawal verification, etc). 5) There is no verification (ID documents, etc) required to open a Primebit account 6) Primebit is constantly adding new coins to its exchange, and often runs polls on Twitter etc to see what coins users want added. 7)Primebit allows you to very easily deposit your bitcoin! 8) Binance, Bittrex, Bitmex and BitFinex often have issues with US customers (eg closing IOTA trading, TETHER scam), Primebit doesn’t. 9) Primebit has a 50% bonus on trading fees. 10) Primebit is easy to setup and very user friendly.. Click on the link below to set up an account (+- 20 seconds):
Go to self.dogecoin
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