1100 dogecoin. The answer is pineapple.

self.dogecoin1m ago
Made a twitter account that posts trivia questions. There are 6 questions. The latest question is "whats a controversial pizza topping?" The answer is pineapple. The launch of this thing has been less than spectacular. I thought it was a fun new idea, but it hasn't taken off. My momma didn't raise a quitter. I'll just keep posting questions and increasing the reward size. There's $66 dollars worth of doge (1100) available now. My twitter handle is HashTrivia. The answer is pineapple. Here's the hash (it's a trivia game where you post the hash of the answer) b0fef621727ff82a7d334d9f1f047dc662ed0e27e05aa8fd1aefd19b0fff312c. Be the first to throw that in a reply to #6 and I'll send doge using the mydogewallet tipbot. If you think this sounds like a cool concept, or maybe just a good way to get people to practice self-custody and tipping on social media.. consider helping me get this off the ground. Follows, updoots, and encouraging comments are all welcome. Much love.