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We built a crypto index that lets you discover new cryptocurrencies through extensive filter and sort options. It also has a playful design and advanced features! Feedback?

Hi! There are a ton of great websites that provide a number of analytical data and info on cryptocurrencies. These are great, but it's easy to feel overwhelmed and confused while getting started in the space. This is why my cousin and I launched [https://coin\-deck.com](https://coin-deck.com/) It's a mobile friendly, easy to navigate crypto index with a playing cards format. It focuses on discovering and tracking cryptocurrencies through the use of filters and sort options. Currently, the websites lets you search cryptocurrencies based on market cap, price, age, industry, ratings and types. You can then filter the results through various options such as 24h gains, 24 volume or ATH traceback. You can also add coins to your watchlist and add the ones you hold to your portfolio "deck" to track your earnings. More features and filters will be added as we go along. We'd love to hear your feedback! Main page: [https://coin\-deck.com](https://coin-deck.com/) Coin page: [https://coin\-deck.com/coins/dnotes](https://coin-deck.com/coins/dnotes) Thank you!
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