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Bitrue warning

Good morning Folks, I'm seeing warning signs on the exchange Bitrue. As a Canadian, our exchanges are notoriously scammy (Quadriga, Coinsquare, etc) so I'm very nervous about using exchanges. Bitrue makes you set a PIN code for withdrawing your coins. I set my PIN code up, went to withdraw my DIVI into the desktop wallet and it said "Invalid PIN code" even though I knew I didn't mess up my code. So I ended up changing my PIN code, which locked up my coins for 24 hours. After the 24 hour lockup period passed I tried my new PIN code and it still said "invalid PIN code," so I then made a support ticket which took them a day to respond to. At that point they apologized and said it is fixed and I withdrew my DIVI. In my opinion this is a bad sign and I won't be using Bitrue anymore.
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