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Digix Dev Update — 19th Sep 2017

Digix Dev Update — 19th Sep 2017

Last week our Solidity dev team completed the full tests for two of our core libraries. We now have 100% test coverage for our Collections and State Machine libraries.

Collections LIbraryState Machine Library

This week our CTO is in the Philippines to train 2 of our offshore developer resource who will be helping us with our Solidity and Truffle work as part of our goal this year is to scale our development efforts. They will hence be able to support not only our core business but also future projects for DigixDAO.

Last week, Chris completed work on Dijix by adding the Dijix Attestation plugin — a generic data type that includes an “attestation” field and “proofs” field, which will be used for each of the PoA actor types to define what it is they are proving (for example, “I received asset X (and this is it’s metadata), here are 3 documents proving this”. Dijix and it’s plugins are now transpiled into ES5 for compatability.

He also wrote a ‘POA-Genesis’ script, which makes it easy to convert files and data into IPFS-hosted attestations. POA-Geneis can be run from a folder containing a mixture of csv, jpeg, pdf and pngs, and will parse the CSV files, create a data structure of attestations, and pass them into Dijix to be processed into dijix-attestations, dijix-pdfs and dijix-images (along with thumbnails). It then generates a JSON report that can be passed to the PoA contract system and linking. This script means that we can easily generate the initial ‘genesis’ configuration for the PoA system, and the initial state of DGX 2.0 can be easily understood and configured by non-programmers by editing the CSV file.

There was a minor update to doxity to fallback to the old style of `@returns` if it’s not using JSON.

He also wrote and executed a multiplexer contract, which can be used for sending ETH or ERC20 tokens to a large number of users in a single transaction. This contract was used to ...

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