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DigitalPrice OP and short-term roadmap is updated detailly.

DigitalPrice is introduced by a middle class informatics company that is active in the capital of Turkey.

First and prior aim of the company which have been searching Cryptocoin market since December of 2012 is to prove the fact that a Cryptocurrency can improve faster if it is supported by powerful and honest managers. In addition to this, it is important for us to show that a Cryptocoin that is improved with original ideas and correct strategies will earn people's trust in a short time. In accordance with these conditions, a very big capacity can be reached within digital market.

Recently, conscious or unconscious mistakes done by cryptocoin developers and hacker attacks had given a way to a substantial level of confidence loss. Legal structure behind Cryptocoin will work by focusing on regaining this confidence.

With the aim of this, we choose the mission of "respect for people".

The first step to regain trust is to reveal the identifications of company, managers, developers and all other team members at our official web site on November 5. We are planning to organize all of our full-time personnel to work for DigitalPrice.

On the 5th of November we also explain all of our authentic opinions. In order to make it able for RIG owners and investors to collect DP in an easy and sufficient way, we will share our ideas on that date, too.

Important: Budget separated by the firm for the coin for season of 2014 - 2015, except for personnel expenses, is $60.000. This amount was totally procured thanks to cryptocurrency trade and mining incomes.

Keep on following us.

We’re so happy to have published personal informations of our website and development team.

Services that are going to be developed by the Digital Price team have first been published yesterday with roadmap. Thanks to this, it has come to the light that which features are going to be added to the system by our development team. We aimed to ...

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