Our new XDN Subscription Service offers a range of exciting features:


Learn more: https://www.digitalnote.org/subscriptions.

Don't miss out on our Early Bird DEAL of the year! The first 5 people to sign up for a Gold Subscription will receive 2,000,000 XDN. However, there are a few conditions to be aware of:

  1. The 2,000,000 XDN will be locked in a Masternode for 24 months and cannot be withdrawn until the anniversary date.
  2. Daily Masternode rewards earned can be transferred to your account at any time.
  3. To receive the bonus 2,000,000 XDN, you must maintain your Gold subscription for two years.
  4. The quarterly and discounted annual subscriptions qualify for this offer.
  5. Payment must be made using BTC, ETH, or USDT.
  6. Annually paid Gold subscribers will receive a free Cavoodle NFT and 5,000 2XDN, valued at over 0.1 ETH.
  7. Offer expires 14/01/2023.