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[Will Reward] 130K stuck on wallet. Cannot sell anywhere.

About a week ago, I logged back into Coinbase Wallet after about a year to start investing in Cryptocurrency again. It was then that I realized that I had 130k dollars in a currency called ‘BCD’. [https://imgur.com/a/NZNRwaY](https://imgur.com/a/NZNRwaY) I have tried selling this everywhere, only to get errors. https://imgur.com/a/26o0mxg After searching for a while, I asked the guy who mined it for me (he didn’t charge me, he’s a relative who was talking me into buying Doge ((which I did eventually)), just in case anyone thinks its a scam. I dunno.), and he said that he didn’t know what was up with the coin, but that he was able to send it from I spoke to a person briefly on Changelly who kindly looked into the issue for me. This is what they had to say: *Unfortunately, this is not an official BCD token, so we can't refund it, for we don't support such a token.* *The official BCD has its own blockchain:* [*http://explorer.btcd.io/#/*](http://explorer.btcd.io/#/) *The one you sent us is an ETH token.* *I'm not sure if it's fake. Maybe it's an old BCD. As I remember before switching to their own blockchain, BCD was an ETH token.* *As I see, we never supported the BCD which is an ETH token (the one you sent us), so I can't tell if it's a genuine coin or a fake.* *I suppose you should better contact your wallet support team or maybe some experienced crypto enthusiasts on cryptoforums and ask them where you can exchange your BCD.* *The one we support belongs to a native BCD network .* *The one you sent us is an ETH network BCD.* So basically, I have an alternative or old version of BCD, and I have no idea how to sell it. You can imagine I’m a little manic about finding out how to sell it, as it already has dropped fairly dramatically in price. P.S. I know this ain't the right place for this, but I feel like I've exhausted my options.
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