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Wanna make a launch of DigiByte V8 amazing together?

So, the version 8 of DigiByte is in the works as we all know, and it will include some of the best updates we have seen so far. Really awesome and exciting stuff, and we can only thank the developers and everyone else behind that. DigiByte is already fastest, longest and more secure UTXO blockchain, and they are making it even better. But as we all know, there is no budget for marketing DigiByte or paying "influencers" and famous people to spread the word about it. And that will be a very important part going forward. When the version 8 is released and the response is pretty low key, it wont do us much good... BUT... if we work together and prepare for the launch and make it as awesome as we can... then we can benefit a lot from it. You may be wondering how can we do it better together... and no, you dont need to code, write content or create videos... its much simpler and it will make it much better. Most of us are not coders or great writers or great on camera, but we can still contribute A LOT. We just need to focus on what we actually can do to make the launch much more amazing. For one... we can focus on maximally growing the community to prepare for the launch so that when it happens, we have more people talking about it and spreading a word everywhere. And that is very simple and we all can do it. It takes a few minutes each day and like I said, it will make a day and night of difference if we do it together and consistently until a launch. First of all, we should all push our community on twitter. If you dont have an account yet on twitter, make one. It doesnt matter if you have 0 followers, your likes, retweets, hashtags will still count. And it wont require you to write any tweets or post any content there. We all just need to follow everyone on twitter who advocates, promotes and posts good content about digibyte. Then... we should scroll through our twitter feed daily, like and retweet all the good digibyte related tweets, and maybe even leave a n...
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