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Very disappointed with Jared's latest anti-Tom Cridland tweets

I really don't like this tweet. Not because Jared is finally acknowledging TC is worthless (that's always been the case) but he's equating the community desire for marketing - ***which DGB 100% needs*** - with choosing TC... this is ***completely untrue***. The community didn't pick TC; the Foundation did. Many of us who donated lots of DGB expressed severe doubts off the bat. We were all pretty shocked that they'd pick someone to represent a cryptocurrency who didn't even have a social media presence. Honestly, I think we're owed an explanation from @chilling_silence or someone official. What happened to all the money? Did TC just take it and run? Why the sudden public turn against our (admittedly bad) PR guy? What set Jared off? Why wasn't the community involved in selecting the PR beyond donating? In any case, these public mini-scandals don't help DGB. I appreciate Jared being more in the limelight lately, but I really think you're going to scare off investors with this stuff. It turns people off. See: Verge. As I've always said, the best marketing for DGB would be getting it listed on as many exchanges (including *that* one) as possible and making it easier to buy for normal people. But at the very least, maybe not calling your PR guy an ass over Twitter is a good idea. If he's worthless, just cut ways quietly.
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