There's a giveaway of free DGB

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👉 How to participate?
â–º Subscribe to our channel
â–º Hit the like button on the stream
â–º Your DigiByte wallet address
â–º Optionally share this live stream

â–º â–º Every 30 minutes a winner is picked and announced in the chat. Also, the last winner is shown on the stream when available.

â–º Why DigiByte?
We believe that DigiByte will be the next big cryptocurrency, standing by ChainCoin which price has recently skyrocketed.
By participating in the free DigiByte drawing, you'll get a jump start to the next big coin!
We will share more detailed information in our upcoming videos and it is also a great reason to subscribe to our channel.

â–º Need a wallet to receive your DigiBytes if you win?
Try one of our altcoin trading choices below and create wallet there or see DigiBytes official wallet choices:

Also if you need just a quick wallet, try out online DigiByte wallet generator, but make sure to back it up.

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