The exchange crashes showing us that Jared Tate was right

self.Digibyte1m ago
I am one of those who lost 5k in Voyager which was also mostly dgb like 90%. I've been fascinated with DGB for a while and was buying in bunches but was unsure of from where to buy it from. I was following Mike the Investor on YouTube who loved both digibyte and Voyager and I got on Voyager because of him. While the pain of losing my dgb hurts, I will resume buying digibyte as soon as I'm able to get some extra money again. This time I'll choose as we can withdraw DGB from there. Love this community and these hard times showing us really how powerful decentralization really is. I feel like from now on when we share with our friends/family about dgb we must also mention an exchange from where we can withdraw. Love this community and let's keep growing❤️