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SCRYPT Digibyte Pool that actually works and will continue for long time

After getting annoyed with all these pools that have stopped supporting Digibyte (SCRYPT) like [Coinfoundry.org](https://Coinfoundry.org), [Multipool.us](https://Multipool.us), and many others, I have decided to create and maintain my OWN pool, server, and front-end. Feel free to join me. 5% Pool Fee for server costs, miners get **95%** of block rewards, and I actually give a crap about keeping the server up since me and 5 of my friends are mining on it. **Join Us Here:** http://luckyblocks.ninja Miner Config: * URL = [luckyblocks.ninja:3333](https://luckyblocks.ninja:3333) * USER = YOUR-DGB-WALLET-ADDRESS * PASS = x
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