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Question wtih receiving address for DigByte on the DigiByte Mobile App

Hey Digi Community, I just started investing and following the Digibyte community about 6 months ago. I 'm trying to incorporate Digibyte into my everyday life. I'm an artist, and want to incorporate Digibyte for my payments. I'm using the DigiByte Mobile Wallet by The DigiByte Foundation. I have been successful in sending Digibyte to it, but was curious about how the receiving address works. The receiving address that I copy from DigiByte Mobile Wallet seems to change ever so often. Is this what is suppose to happen? If so what happens to the old receiving addresses? For example, If I told someone to send me a certain amount the week prior at the receiving address that I was given during that interaction? but they didn't get around to sending the payment until a month later? How often does the receiving address change? What's the proper method if I wanted to get a permanent address to share publicly to accept payment on my website or when I'm selling at different events? If that is not possible through the DigiByte Mobile Wallet by The DigiByte Foundation what should I be doing? Thanks and appreciate any suggestions or feedback.
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