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Please, Stop Leaving Coins You Don’t Plan to Play/Day Trade With On The Exchange! Long Term Holds Go In Wallets, Always!

I’m growing really concerned about how many posts on here are people showing their large sums of DGB and it’s all on an exchange. It’s especially concerning how many people use Uphold, trust me, that’s how I started but a lot of digging around said get out of there ASAP. It depends where you live but you need to buy DGB, or any crypto, from exchanges that let you withdraw it. No exceptions. If an exchange is promising to do so in the future, wait until they do. There are plenty of exchanges where you can withdraw it. With that, you need to be withdrawing it to a wallet. Hardware is the safest but there’s also nothing wrong with a very secure virtual wallet. Wallets on exchanges are meant to be temporary, very short term holds. Please, keep your coins safe and put them in a wallet!
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