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Mining Help with Enemy Miner - Skein

Trying to mine some DGB with enemy. Getting unknown algo parameter error. Does enemy have "skein" thought it did? Tried posting in discord no response. On a side note what is best way to mine with Nvidia GPU now (algo). Thanks! My bat z-enemy -a skein -o stratum+tcp://yiimp.eu4933: -u wallet -p id=WorkBot,c=DGB -i 0
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New Digibyte article.

CryptoCurrency News. Bitcoin and Alt Coin information regarding upcoming blockchain technology.
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7 Reasons Why DigiByte Will Be A Top 10 Cryptocurrency.

With nearly 2000 different cryptocurrencies out there, as an enthusiast in this space it’s difficult to get round to actually learning about even the top 100 cap coins. There are a lot of great coin...
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Jared Tate: Blockchain Can Defeat Censorship

#Centralized big tech like @Apple @Google @Facebook @PayPal start here... then they come and censor the rest of us. Thankfully we have #blockchain technology like #DigiByte #Bitcoin to resist tyranny!...