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Kiyt, a B2B platform for self-sovereign point of sale. My personal project for DGB..

Hi all DGB heads! I am not sure if this is the right place to post this so please do correct me lol. This is my early stage project called Kiyt(pronounced like 'kite'), that is an attempt to target the merchant/business side of the crypto adoption equation. I know there are other projects such as Utrust but I feel this is a different angle and ~~hopefully can~~ should be powered by Digibyte! Before I go any further I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Cody, I am a long time lurker and UI/UX designer in tech with a snowballing passion for the Digibyte project. I have been invested and involved in the crypto/blockchain space since early 2018. I currently design for a rather large crypto ecosystem in my day job so I do have relevant experience. If interested in seeing my previous work I can post my dribbble or portfolio below. The main concept here is to primarily target the small or micro businesses that either cannot afford or have access to traditional merchant options (ie. Square/Toast). Kiyt will in theory allow users to login and authenticate using Digi-ID and get started right away using their personal devices. From there the service will allow a very simple and streamlined UX for easy setup with menu creation/inventory management and transaction flows for customers. As for the customer, they will simply need to scan the generated QR code per the transaction taking place to checkout. **Due note** this is an iterative process still and hopefully with community help we can create something really special on the Digibyte platform and further boost adoption for this amazing technology! I am currently working out the branding, front end mockups and ux flows for the Kiyt webapp. As of now I am looking to use a WYSIWYG app builder or webflow to get further along here in bringing this to life in a few months time. If anyone is interested in helping out and feels they would provide good value I would love for you to message me and introduce yourself. Since...
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