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How to buy DigiByte with Sequoir

The following guide explains how to buy DigiByte with the US Dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro, or with other digital assets. **Step 1:** Log in or create an account on Sequoir. To create an account use the following link: [https://app.sequoir.com/signup](https://app.sequoir.com/signup) **Step 2:** If you are creating an account you will need to verify your identity per our compliance and regulation requirements. This process takes roughly 5 minutes and you will need to take photos of your passport or drivers license with ample lighting. **Step 3:** When your account is verified you will be able to trade on Sequoir. Clicking the 'Trade' button in the navigation or on the DigiByte asset card which will open the trade modal. ​ [Sequoir Trade Modal](https://preview.redd.it/ks0f342ib2i61.png?width=573&format=png&auto=webp&s=63cc654ebcbcabd1fdabad4e7ee6f05cf8455e6c) **Step 4:** From the trade modal you can enter the amount of DigiByte you want to buy based on the total amount of fiat currency you want to spend. In this example we plan to buy $100 worth of DigiByte. Once you enter the amount to purchase and add your method of payment you can click the 'Preview Buy' button. **Step 5:** Next you will be able to review the buy. Before you can place the buy trade you will need to enter a valid DigiByte wallet address. Sequoir is non-custodial meaning the platform will never hold your funds and will distribute your DigiByte immediately after the payment method has been settled. **Finished!** After the payment settles, 2-3 business days for bank transfer or instant for debit card, you will receive your DigiByte directly in your DigiByte wallet. ​ **Sign Up at Sequoir** [https://app.sequoir.com/signup](https://app.sequoir.com/signup) ​ **DigiByte** [https://app.sequoir.com/assets/dgb](https://app.sequoir.com/assets/dgb)
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