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Help with mining DGB on ethOS

Hello, I am not entirely too new to ethOS. Got it running with ethereum just fine on one of the rigs. I was mining DGB with 2x zotac mini 1080 TI's at 2GH/s using the skein algo on windows. Intensity, default 25. Decided to move that to ethOS because win\-blows. :/ And it gets really laggy/buggy for me when I use 6 cards, So here I am, starting up ethos and changing the config to use skein. Now here's the odd part.. I am only getting half the hash rates on each card, compared to what I was getting on windows using the one click miner. I think I am doing the flags wrong in my config. I am so used to using the one click miner for DGB on Windows. Can anyone tell me what exactly I am doing wrong here? My conf is posted below: globalminer ccminer ccminer=flags \-a Skein maxgputemp 85 stratumproxy enabled proxywallet ADDRESSHIDDEN \-u frozenmango.1 \-p HIDDEN proxypool1 [stratum.dgb.theblocksfactory.com:9002](https://stratum.dgb.theblocksfactory.com:9002/) globalfan 80 flags \-i 25 \-\-api\-bind [](
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