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Got friend into Digibyte

I am new to crypto and have been in Dgb for 8 months. I decided to go all in with a few coins a few months back and that did not work out well. I only have two coins now, with 80 percent in digibyte. None of my friends are into crypto except one, who actually got me started in dgb. Ive been talking about dgb with a friend of mine for a few months. Yesterday she took a leap of faith and I helped her set up an exchange and her wallet. She sent me litecoin and I turned it into dgb for her and sent it to her wallet. Even though the wallet doesn't say the fiat amount , it does have the correct amount of dgb. I told her the wallet will eventually be updated to show the monetary value. She is going to put in a set amount every month and plans to hold for 5 years or more. I am excited about this coin and even bought Jared Tates book. Some of it is over my head, but I am almost finished it. Will read it again to get a better understanding. I also bought a couple books that will be arriving tomorrow explaining the blockchain and one on the history of fiat. I am always late to the game, but I am here for the long term. My plan is to keep adding for the next 10 years and hopefully big things will come. Can't wait to see what happens in the next couple years!!
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