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DigiByte May 2021 Update

May was another huge month in terms of development, awareness and education for the DigiByte community. We continue to reach new milestones and bring in new community members all over the world. We want to thank each and every one of you for your contributions. Let’s keep pushing each other to achieve new heights!


1.SwapSpace allows swaps between different assets now their platform via Binance. There continues to be a myriad of options for folks looking to acquire DigiByte.

2.DigiByte is available on SevenB. It can be download via the Play Store on Google.

3.AntumID will release an updated version of MyDigiPassword in Q3 of 2021. It is very exciting to see all the success AntumID is having.

4.There are many companies that accept DigiByte as a payment method and this list continues to grow. Nice work on behalf of Cryptwerk to put this together.

5.The DigiByte VISA card has been approved with Folgory. You can see more details here.

6.DigiByte was mentioned on CNBC and on Wall Street Journal, which is great exposure. The word is spreading regarding our blockchain.

7.There has been a tremendous amount of development continuing to go on within the DigiByte community. You can see all the discussion below.

8.Weiss Crypto is starting to recognize DigiByte as a top tier asset on their platform. We appreciate all the hard work that the community members have done to provide Weiss with updated information on our blockchain.

9.As always, you can listen to DigiByte updates by Josiah Spackman to get up to speed on what is happening within the community.

10.Crypto.com has listed DigiByte on their platform. This provides additional exposure to many users to buy and sell DigiByte.

11.DigiByte v7.17.3 has been released! You can see all the improvements and updates via Github. A special thank you to all the developers!

12.DigiByte continues to be a top asset that is used to book trips...

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