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Digibyte (Long Term)

The #1 reason why I decided to invest in Digibyte is to create generational wealth for my family. I plan to have crypto in my estate that will sustain my family for years to come. Programmable DGB deposited in accounts to help my family in a time of need. I would have never come up with such a plan if I wasn’t thinking long term.. like my children’s’ children will benefit from my estate after I’m gone. That’s what I mean by LONGTERM. Because I was thinking this way, it gave me the courage to try and accumulate 100k DGB. Even though I never got to my goal, I came close. I’m satisfied with what I have. To give you guys an idea, every $0.0020 increases my gains by $100. I almost cried when I did the math. I’m not rich, I’m not here to show off or brag. But if you’re newly invested in Digibyte you better be damn serious about what you’re doing. This is not child’s play.. Generational wealth is being created and we’re just getting started. So think Long Term with this criminally undervalued blockchain called Digibyte and maybe some day we will all have our own money tree called Digibyte. p.s ( this for all the new comers who made their first investment in dgb in 2021)
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