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Digibyte is the ideal option for video game NFTs

There's a lot to this, but hear me out I mean video game NFTs like items which you can collect in a game. Like stuff dropped when monsters die or whatever The current front runner for NFTs is Ethereum. The high gas fees are the immediate problem. You can't collect a bunch of items in a game if it costs dollars to mint and move those on the blockchain. That's why NFTs on ethereum have been heavily geared towards art, where the gas fee is relatively small compared to the price of the NFT. What about other platforms like cardano? Surely txs will be much cheaper on a PoS chain like that? That is indeed likely true. Now don't get me started on PoS in general (it's a very bad idea). But there's a real hurdle with PoS, specifically, initially getting some. Odds are that kids playing video games don't have any ethereum, or cardano, or any crypto for that matter. They don't have coinbase accounts. So the cost for moving the NFT to the player's wallet would fall on the game developer. This might work, but doesn't make for a great business plan. So how does digibyte overcome these hurdles? In a few ways. First, it is contingent on digibyte successfully implementing ProgPow as one of the 5 mining algorithms. Efficient mining with GPUs immediately makes the same hardware for video games also work for mining. Now it probably won't be a lot of income, but a lot isn't necessary, just a miniscule amount to fund txs. So what if a video game could generate NFTs (like when a monster dies) and automatically send them to the user's wallet with an on-chain tx, without "charging" the user nor the game provider? Well, a video game engine can do a tiny amount of hashing upon an NFT creation event, just enough to cover the tx costs. The player doesn't have to see any cost of any sort, just sees an NFT show up in their wallet. The game provider doesn't have to incur any expenses either. Players can get NFTs from games for "free". There is a cost of course, tiny bit of...
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