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Digibyte Could Reach New Heights With New Website Listings

Digibyte is a currency that holds a regular spot within cryptocurrencies top 100. At the time of writing, it is valued at $0.034 and is down 8.24%.

Recently, Digibyte has hit a high of $0.04, and we should remember that back in January 2018, Digibyte hit an all-time height of $0.12, something that could eventually be surpassed should Digibyte’s world domination plan fall into place.

Okay, Digibyte don’t plan on taking over the world, however, through baby steps, they want to start being listed as a real time payment option on a number of e-commerce websites. What’s more, if you own such a website, it’s something you’ll be able to roll out, yourself.

Interested to add @DigiByteCoin as a payment system for your website? You can use www.coinpayments,com or https://t.co/T0QH7wuYEN! #DigiByte #Blockchain #Consensus2018 pic.twitter.com/clxm5EVT6A — Brizzle (@BrizzleHamski) May 17, 2018

This recent tweet by Digibyte points towards Coingate, a system that allows for cryptocurrency payment integration on various websites. Coingate already provide services to websites such as PrestaShop, now, Digibyte will be added as an option along Coingates services.

Overall, Coingate work with over 40 altcoins and automatically convert the payments into Bitcoin or FIAT currency, therefore the website receives their payment fast and the user doesn’t need to work out any confusing exchange rates, instead they just pay with Digibyte (in this example) and Coingate do the rest.

This sort of integration will set Digibyte up for a very prosperous future, assuming that companies start to get on board. Through integration with Coingate, Digibyte are opening up brand new channels for investors to spend their Digibyte and of course, for new people to hear about it and thus, go on to invest in it. Let’s face it, you want to buy a product and realise you can get a better price if you use Digibyte, you’re likely to go and buy some Digibyte, to allow ...

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