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Hello DGB family, so I was just thinking today that we should make a YouTube add and fund it, I've already tried finding celebrities and have even tried contacting celebrities for promoting us without luck. So I figured I'd ask the community if there's anyone here that's good at creating a video ad? I could do ok but am certainly not the most qualified person for the job. If you can make it I can organize the fundraising and have it sent to get us an Ad on YouTube. Doesn't have to run forever but a few months or so would likely get us tens of millions of views. Let me know if you're interested in creating the add and ideas on what it should include, slogans etc. and I'll respond to your comments on here. Please upvote this message to give this the best chance of succeeding! If I can't find anyone I'll work on creating my own ad and ask the community to help support and reach out to donate the funds necessary to get it out there!
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