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Day 37 of 60 - lets get everyone on ;)

Upvote this thread so that it gets more attention and more people see it and joins us. This is a fun, community driven 60 day challenge, where we pick a different tweet each day, and we engage with it. We all like it, retweet it, and leave a comment on it. Today's tweet: [https://twitter.com/lcx/status/1389610779792461825](https://twitter.com/lcx/status/1389610779792461825) Like it, retweet it, leave a comment on it. We are doing very good, like I mentioned, we are winning all the big polls with over 5000 votes, we are attracting a lot of new people, we are growing everywhere. On twitter, on reddit, on telegram, youtube, everywhere. But, we need more :) And we always will. We must not stop at a certain point, we must keep pushing together for the continuous growth. Keep engaging with digibyte tweets on twitter, keep watching digibyte related youtube videos and show support to creators, keep engaging everywhere. Its the best to grow the community everywhere, because not everyone is on all platforms. And so when some awesome digibyte related news come out, we have hundreds of thousands of members to spread that. [https://twitter.com/lcx/status/1389610779792461825](https://twitter.com/lcx/status/1389610779792461825)
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