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Day 21 of 60 - Thanks :)

Upvote this thread like always (the last one got over 180 upvotes), so that more people see it and joins us in on the challenge. This is a 60 day challenge, where we pick a different tweet each day, and we focus maximally on promoting it. We all like it, we retweet it, and maybe even leave a nice comment. We are doing this to create more engagement, awareness and reach more people. And we are crushing it, our numbers are growing everywhere and I wanted to thank you all for an incredible support. I am receiving a lot of nice and encouraging comments every day, lots of ideas, 100s of upvotes, reddit awards and everything else. You guys are amazing, and this is the reason we are growing at an insane pace. We still have a lot more to do, so we must be pushing on social every day, as much as we can. But its already clearly visible how much more engagement digibyte tweets receive. But we must push the numbers even higher, we need to get to 1k+ likes and lots of retweets. Today's tweet: [https://twitter.com/RudyBouwman/status/1383842014022701059](https://twitter.com/RudyBouwman/status/1383842014022701059) Like it, retweet it, and maybe even leave a nice comment to Rudy :) He is doing amazing job, is in the community for a very long time, and his tweets already create a lot of engagement. So lets hop in on that, and crush it! So, thanks again for all the support so far, this is incredible. The power we have as a whole community is insane and beyond what most people can think of. This is why I am sure that together we will achieve amazing things ;) [https://twitter.com/RudyBouwman/status/1383842014022701059](https://twitter.com/RudyBouwman/status/1383842014022701059)
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