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hello Digibyte reddit community members, it has been abit wild lately during the recent market crash!! I would like to start a post on why we have invested into digibyte and the reason we believe Digibyte will carry on performing to help our confidence and others when joining the Digibyte community. Are you holding digibyte still? comment (hell yeah) are you buying digibyte? comment (I am a smart investor) If you have not sold any Digibyte? comment (I am here for the long run) Do you believe in digibyte? comment (digibytemypride or we are strong, we are Digibyte.) I know you might have many reasons why you are here with the digibyte community and why we believe in this beautiful blockchain tech, please limit the answers so everyone can answer. I will comment below my reasons and the following as I also am a community member and a huge believer in this blockchain technology. Thank you for reading and your comments. all the best.
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