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Buying r/cryptocurrency membership with digibyte

So basically I can’t submit a post or comment on r/cryptocurrency because I don’t meet the requirements in terms of karma. I saw a post earlier on here and if I remember correctly the person asked if there was a way to integrate digibyte with reddit. Wouldn’t this be a perfect strategy to get the digibyte name out there? If the team could speak to reddit about integrating digibyte as a payment method for memberships or even buying moons, that would eliminate the shitposting going around of people trying to earn karma to actually post in the subreddits. I’m sure a lot of us have great ideas or opinions but can’t express that because of these restrictions. Yes I know if everybody can buy a membership then there is a chance of increased shitposting, but at this moment anybody can buy this membership with cash or with a 1000 moons, so this would be a marketing strategy for digibyte if we could get this implemented and test it. I just find it a waste of time that we are on a cryptocurrency subreddit, but can’t actually use cryptocurrency in the way it was intended. Please correct me if I’m wrong or share your opinions so that we can actually make this a thing.
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