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Advice please, odd anomaly with DGB Core Wallet?

So I was planning to try and make a few extra DGB by selling some of my stash last week after the CITI event by sending 140000 (139'999 after fees etc) to my Poloniex account from my official core wallet app. All well and good, or so I thought. Today I have just decided to return my stack from polo back to my official wallet, slightly lighter than i wanted at 136'385. Transaction went fine all well and good. Anyway, so i check on a blockchain explorer at my wallet address of DMGvBrDPTJd7kHD8dxtD1vCeCF9T9MmT1D and notice that my balance for some reason is about 22'712 DGB lighter than it should be? I'm trying to work out what's gone on here but from the looks of it when i did the send for 140000 to polo for some reason 22000 got send to a random incorrect wallet address and I don't know why or how. I've just loaded up my official DGB wallet app again and the balance showing on there is actually what I'd expect it to be and inside the transaction log the transactions are how i expect them to be and don't show any reference to the extra 22000 that got sent out for some reason? Does anyone know what's going on here? And is my Core wallet app balance accurate and true? Thanks.
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